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Quality Tree Care

Responsible Services


Tree Maintenance

Caring for your trees annually, reduces hazards,improves health, and increases the properties value and aesthetics.

Not every tree needs attention annually, let us help you manage your urban forest.

Plant Health Care

Not just a tree trimming company. There are many pests and diseases affecting many species on your property. Often the issues can be mitigated with an affordable treatment plan customized by our team, verified by science labs.


Do you have questions about the trees on your site? Yellowing canopies? Roots lifting hardscape? Is this the right tree for the location? 

We are happy to walk the property with you and discuss how to manage your trees.

About The Arbor Group

Maintaining Americas Urban Forest


Trees are one of the most valuable assets on your property, and we take great pride in properly pruning, treating, and if need be, removing them. Our job is to reduce safety hazards, improve the overall aesthetics, and help increase their value.

With decades of experience, our team has been entrusted with caring for some of the most prominent communities, theme parks, resorts, universities, retail centers, and corporate campuses. 

Our Investment In People

At the Arbor Group, the only thing we care more about than the trees we are responsible for, are people. Caring for our people and giving them a great work environment, equipment, training, and career path, shows up in the quality our customers experience. We believe when we take care of our people, they in turn go above and beyond for you.


Adding Green To The Green Industry

Tired of the excessive noise?

The Arbor Group has invested in all battery powered chainsaws and blowers to reduce the disruption on your properties while we are pruning. Less noise means less distraction and or interruptions for you and your tenants while we are onsite.

Environmentally conscious. 

One of the only commercial tree companies using all electric tools for pruning and blowing in California. This helps us reduce our carbon footprint and odors usually left by other gas powered tools on your property. 

Accountability in Transparency

We have invested in industry leading fleet management and tracking that lets us share on demand where our trucks are, en route, where they are currently working on site, or if we are stopped with any issues. Additionally, we can let you know where we were at certain times, when we arrived, or left your property. This added service gives you piece of mind to know when and where we were on your property, should you have any questions. 

We have also implemented dual facing dash cams that allow us to make sure we are driving safe and doing everything we can to make our fleet as safe as possible on and off your property.

Innovation in Communication 

Lastly, we have taken steps to implement state of the art communication with our crews, in efforts to contact them quickly, provide GPS mapped photo'd locations of certain trees, and the ability to share before and after photos. 

Where are our crews?
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“The Crews were so polite! They showed up on-time, in those bright red trucks and were so professional. I have dealt with many tree companies in my tenure and was blown away with their service. Keep up the great work. ”

Jennifer M.




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